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No woman likes to step out of her house without being clad in makeup. For a woman, makeup is a vital part of her personality which shows off her individuality and who she is. Similarly, without a good perfume, a woman’s makeup is incomplete and she fails to make the impact that other woman wearing fragrances or perfumes do. But how does a woman choose a signature perfume? The market shelves are pouring with perfumes and this can add to the woes of buying the correct perfume, which ultimately plays a role in defining you.

Consider ‘Live’ by Jennifer Lopez. Created in 2005, this perfume defines Lopez’s personality and style- full of life, cheerfulness and rhythm. One might even remember Lopez’s curves while looking at the curvy bottle of her perfume. With a hint of lemon, pineapple, bergamot, sandalwood and caramel this perfume is sure to make your senses go into a tizzy. Perfect for an eveningwear, this bestseller perfume is a must-have. Have this perfume in your wardrobe and people around you will begin to associate this beautiful fragrance with you and your personality even if they come upon it somewhere else. Yes, that’s what happens when a woman constantly uses one particular fragrance for a long time- it becomes synonymous with her name.

euphoria_2Another appealing fragrance is ‘Euphoria’ by Calvin Klein. Designed in 2005, this perfume has a fruity and floral fragrance and is ideal for daily wear. If you want your temperament to be styled as free-spirited, joyous and appealing then this fragrance will do the talking for you. With hints of rose, apple, green leaves, lotus, black orchid, red wood, black violet and amber, this perfume will scream of luscious mystery just like exotic flowers. Wear it on your wrists and neck and you are good to go for a long day- you won’t compromise with this fragrance.

If the other two were not for you, you will love this next one: Bright Crystal by Versace. The pink colored perfume bottle will make you want it and just like the color, the fragrance is soft and radiant. Created in 2006, the main ingredients of this perfume are pomegranate, peony, magnolia, lotus, musk and red wood. A fragrance appeals to some people, but it might not be to others, but with this fruity fragrance, everyone is bound to love it and the person wearing it. This will define the woman wearing it as a woman with a sophisticated and joyful taste. Buy the Bright Crustal by Versace and I promise you won’t regret it. You will be drowned in compliments when wearing it.